Beeswax & TALL Tales


Antiques dealer Athol Salter is a treasure trove of stories about treasured belongings and the people who own them. Jane Crowley, his daughter and business partner, grew up listening to those yarns of ramshackle country sheds, crumbling mansions and unforgettable characters.

Together, they’ve created Beeswax and Tall Tales, a collection of memories from Athol’s 60 years as an antiques dealer. It includes anecdotes from his hardworking, funny, adventurous life, as well as stories of priceless objects, overseas adventures, colourful eccentrics and dodgy dealers.

Jane Crowley’s antiques career began at 8 with the sale of a desk she restored herself. Since then, Jane and her dad, Athol Salter, have bought and sold more pieces of furniture than they could count – and together founded the much-loved Dirty Janes.

This polished collection of tales from the antiques trade could easily have been subtitled “Life’s Little Ironies”, for the way it reflects human foibles in all their variety. Jane Crowley’s father, Athol Salter, has spent a lifetime buying and selling antiques and throughout that time continually shared the stories he gathered...

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