Giving Back

dirty janes giving back

At Dirty Janes, not only are we recycling thousands of items each year and preventing tonnes of unwanted goods going to landfill we are also stepping forward to help our local community and communities around the world.

Locally we work with our staff who range in age from 15 to 81 years to ensure Dirty Janes shines every day. We recycle and compost at the counter and in the staff kitchen. We even use compostable coffee pods for our daily shots!

We work with our 150 combined stallholders in both venues to ensure that what is offered to the public is beautiful, recycled, well priced and repurposed!

Solar panels are installed on the roof of Dirty Janes, Bowral so we can generate all the power we need every day.

Once our new warehouse is built later in 2021, it will also be solar powered and water efficient, with rainwater filling a vast underground tank to be then used for all our water needs.

We’ve partnered with;

  • The Hamlin Fistula Foundation since 2009 selling their range of products to raise money for vital work in midwifery in Ethiopia
  • Low Carbon Living Southern Highlands to reduce our carbon footprint in our local community
  • Bin Trim have audited our rubbish bins and helped us even further to turn our rubbish into recyclable products. We are committed to reducing our waste as much as possible for our entire business, and disposing of any remaining waste in a responsible way

We know that there may be a cost associated with some or all of the initiatives that we are implementing – and that we think any financial cost is worth it for the social and environmental benefits.