Virginia Boyle – Artist in Residence

Virgina Boyle Artist in Residence

Virginia Boyle is an illustrator and artist living and working in the Southern Highlands village of Bundanoon and will be our artist in residence from Friday 13th March til Thursday the 11th June 2020 in shop 375

The bush has always been close to her heart; a sanctuary for wildlife and the human spirit. Virginia draws inspiration from the flora and fauna surrounding her home.

She produces intricate pen drawings of forest scenes, animals, birds, and anthropomorphic creatures. Having always adored fairy tales, even the most mundane creatures in her world are fey.

Virginia’s work is decorative, highly detailed, with obsessive patterning; described by some as being like, “embroidery with a pen”. It can sometimes take her up to three months to complete a large drawing.

“For Sorrow & For Joy’, the series of original artworks that form the backbone of this residency, is based on a traditional nursery rhyme about magpies. According to an old superstition, the number of magpies one sees determines one’s luck.

One for sorrow, two for joy,

Three for a girl, four for a boy,

Five for silver, six for gold,

Seven for a secret, never to be told.

Eight for a wish, nine for a kiss,

Ten for a bird, you must not miss.